Life is worth celebrating and we all deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones .

Ginja9, the Portuguese sour cherry liqueur that has delighted for generations in Portugal is now available in the U.S. marketplace as part of that celebration. The name derives from “ginja”, the Portuguese word for “sour cherry”. The number 9 represents peace and love according to numerology, hence, the heart in our logo.

This traditional cordial dates back to an early 17th century, a recipe created by Galician monks who infused sour cherries in alcohol for 12 months. A long process that is able to capture all the properties from the fruit. With no need to use artificial flavors or colors.

Centuries later, the liqueur became commercially available in Portugal, where it has been served as a treasured national spirit.

To further heighten the sipping experience, it has become popular to drink this cordial out of chocolate cups, which is the best way to catch every last ambrosial drop of liqueur.

In Lisbon and other parts of Portugal, ginjinha in a chocolate cup has become an everyday treat that is served in its charming cafés and shops to end a meal or as an afternoon treat. As tourism has soared in Portugal, visitors from other countries have been searching to replicate that experience at home.

That’s why we’ve worked with Earth Delicacies to import fine Belgian dark chocolate cups to pair with Ginja9, sold with the liqueur in a value pack and also separately.


Ginja9, a 92-point winner at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 91 points at the Wine Enthusiast and more. 100% natural with no added colors or preservatives. Gluten- free and Vegan.

It is made from sour cherries (also known as morello cherries) that are grown in orchards that contain over 20,000 trees owned by our producer.

The only one in Óbidos, Portugal using 100% national ginjas, that allows us to maintain the highest quality fruit and consistent unique flavor. Our producer is the only that holds the IGP certification for this region.

Real people make this liqueur from field to bottle. Crafted by hand made with love.


Are hosts planning a party such as a wedding, shower or special birthday? Ginja9 and chocolate cups is the perfect serve to end it (or keep the celebration going) on a sweet note, and it also makes the perfect host/hostess gift in place of wine. However, at a value-driven wholesale cost, it’s not just a one-trick pony that gathers dust on the shelf.

You will be pleased to discover that Ginja9 is a versatile, year-round spirit that is delicious served on the rocks or with a splash of soda or tonic as an aperitif, and mixes well in a variety of cocktails. One of our favorites is the G9 Mojito, a variation that adds a cherry zing to the classic rum, lime and mint cocktail.

It can also dress up a stirred cocktail like a Manhattan variation or Old Fashioned with its refreshing cherry taste.

Add light to a rainy forecast, add appreciation for a sunny one, add a reward for a tough day, for a special toast, for a special someone, or just because – Ginja9 and chocolate – cheers to life!


Alexander Dias the founder of Ginja9 goes over on how the product and brand were created.