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Are there any health benefits from sour cherries? 🍒

  You’ve probably heard about the health benefits associated with tequila and whiskey, but what about Ginja?! This sour cherry liqueur is not only delicious, but it also has the potential to prevent pain and inflammation. The possible health benefits include… 👉 Headache relief 👉 Muscles pain relief 👉 Reduced inflammation And you thought you couldn’t love Ginja any more

Negroni Sour

Negroni Sour

It’s Negroni week! We are celebrating and nothing better than creating a twist to the iconic Negroni cocktail with Ginja9. The Negroni Sour! Since we don’t add any artificial colors or flavors in the making of Ginja9 it’s like pairing fresh cherry juice to any cocktail recipe. Let’s called it the Love Potion😊   Negroni